Do you feel out of balance?

Do you always have physical or mental complaints?

Your digestion is not working optimally. Are you constantly bloated and don't know where it's coming from?

Are you often tired, weak and lacking energy?

The Ayurvedic diet may seem complicated to you, but are you still curious? Are you open to new things and want to take your health into your own hands? Are you looking for recipes that bring you physically and mentally into balance and are good for you?

Then come to Ayurveda 1:1 coaching with Katharina Pindeus (Ayurveda practitioner).

This is how coaching works...

In a 1:1 coaching unit (60 minutes) via the Zoom platform, your constitution will be examined in more detail through questions. We look at your current diet and lifestyle habits and look for the cause of your symptoms.

Based on this conversation, you will receive basic information about the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle and type-related recommendations.

The recommendations bring your doshas back into balance, which means you experience greater well-being.

Would you like to find out more about coaching or know whether it is right for you? Then book your 10-minute, free information meeting with us now and write to

If, in our opinion, examinations such as blood analyzes are recommended, as vital substance deficiencies and weak organ functions (e.g. hypothyroidism) can often be a reason for reduced metabolic activity, we will help you clarify these values, which you can get from your doctor.

Price: 108,- (including VAT)