prana for you

The holistic approach to health in Ayurveda looks at the cause of our ailments, which result from an imbalance in our bioenergies (doshas). According to Ayurveda, the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which are formed from the five elements, shape a person's mental and physical constitution. This makes each person a unique individual. If a dosha is out of balance, this has a negative impact on our physical and mental well-being and can lead to complaints. A balanced, type-appropriate diet, spices, plants and an appropriate lifestyle help you return to your original constitution and a balanced state.

It's all about balance!

The prana for you dietary supplements target a specific dosha imbalance, which is considered a trigger for certain complaints.
The recipes are formulated in collaboration with Indian doctors, based on Ayurvedic scriptures and many years of practical experience.

Our organic quality plant powders and plant extracts are sourced from South India and Europe and tested for their purity and quality.
The capsules are handcrafted with love in an Austrian organic factory.
They are vegan, gluten- and lactose-free.

Our founder:Katharina Pindeus

Katharina is a trained ayurveda practitioner and primarily focuses on a type-appropriate diet and lifestyle according to Ayurveda in her coachings, programs and workshops. She combines the tried and tested tradition with new, scientific approaches to nutrition. Her passion for ayurvedic spices and plants led her to launch the prana for you plant complexes in 2021, which were developed in cooperation with ayurvedic doctors.

"My intention and desire is to pass on the knowledge I have gained about the ayurvedic art of healing. I want to accompany people to a healthier life full of energy, joy and physical as well as mental health.”