Do you suffer from digestive problems or a bloated stomach?
Do you gain weight easily or suffer from food cravings?
Do you finally want to regain your physical and mental balance?
Do you often feel tired and drained?
Do you find it difficult to incorporate a healthy routine into your everyday life?

Then it's time to cleanse yourself internally for...

more energy

a lighter body feeling

a better sleep

better digestion

an active metabolism

a strong immune system

a stable blood sugar level

a more beautiful complexion

a positive mindset

We cleanse and wash ourselves externally every day, but what about your internal cleansing?

An unhealthy diet with incorrect food combinations, an imbalance of macronutrients in food (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), an unhealthy lifestyle and stressful environmental factors lead to undigested metabolic residues, waste products and toxins being deposited in the body. If these are not eliminated regularly, an imbalance occurs in the body, which means our metabolism cannot work optimally. The result is the development of diseases that eventually become noticeable through symptoms. If the toxins are not removed, the disease process progresses until the symptoms manifest themselves and become chronic.

For these reasons, Ayurveda recommends purifying our body and mind especially during the seasonal transitions. With a cleansing treatment we can remove toxins and lose excess kilos. The aim is to regain balance through the relief days without starving, to recharge your batteries, to relieve the burden on the digestive system, to strengthen the digestive fire Agni and to increase general well-being. The next joint detox week will take place in autumn.

This is how the program works...

  • Before you start, you will receive a comprehensive workbook with recipes , a shopping list, yoga exercises and other Ayurvedic detox tools. This means you can get all the necessary groceries in advance and prepare well for the detox week.

  • We will also send you our detox set in good time before you start. This includes the Shodana herbal capsules, the Shodana detox tea and a copper tongue scraper. These products support the detoxification processes and stimulate your metabolism.

  • Ayurveda practitioner Katharina Pindeus will introduce you to the program on Thursday evening via the Zoom platform. You have the opportunity to ask your questions there if anything is still unclear.

  • On Monday at 7 p.m., Ayurveda chef Cornelia Pessenlehner will show you how she prepares the most famous Ayurvedic detox dish “Kitchari” and will cook LIVE for us.

  • On Wednesday at 7 p.m. there will be an online yoga unit for mental and physical relaxation and detoxification with yoga teacher Claudia Pichler from Balanced Life

  • You can also reach us via WhatsApp during the detox days so that you can ask questions at any time. In our shared WhatsApp group you can share your experiences and photos of your delicious dishes with all group members. We will also strengthen you daily with additional Ayurveda and mindset tips such as affirmations.

Your investment in your health

including detox set: € 199 (incl. VAT)

The detox set worth €49.90 includes:

1 x Shodana herbal capsules with Ayurvedic herbs
1 x Shodana Detox Tea
1 x Copper Tongue Scraper

excl. detox set: € 159 (incl. VAT)

The prana-detox-days program without detox set includes the workbook (Ayurvedic detox recipes, yoga exercises, Ayurveda tips and much more), the introductory meeting with Katharina, participation in the WhatsApp group and 3 online appointments (live Cooking, yoga and guided meditation) for your health and greater well-being.


What our customers say:

The detox week was extremely good for my body. I can sleep much better again and feel energetic, light and balanced. The many and simple recipes have made everyday family life a lot easier.

Irina, 44 years old

Today is my last detox day. The 10 days have made me a little proud. I have always done fasting cures on my own, but doing it together in a group is much nicer. It's become so much easier for me. The supported WhatsApp group, your knowledge, the inspiration and the opportunity to always ask questions was very important to me.

Elizabeth, 47 years old

It's a shame that the detox week is already over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the professional, competent, valuable and loving support and for picking me up at any time and at any point. I found the setting very pleasant - the group also carries you through the good and bad days with ease. A few doors have opened for me as a newcomer to Ayurveda.

Johanna, 35 years old