5 tips for your hormone balance in the morning!

5 Tipps für deine Hormonbalance am Morgen!

How we start the day can have a positive or negative impact on your well-being and health. Certain habits have a direct influence on our eating behavior and energy levels throughout the day, as well as our hormonal system. If we get up hastily with a cup of coffee without eating breakfast, this can promote hormonal problems in the long term. Caffeine not only increases the stress hormone (cortisol), but can trigger blood sugar fluctuations that have a negative impact on our hormonal system.

Ayurveda attaches great importance to adapting daily routines according to individual constitutions and the cycles of nature in order to achieve optimal health and balance.


Our 5 tips for a balanced morning!


Get up early and start the day with rest

Ayurveda recommends getting up before sunrise when nature is calm and life energy (prana) is fresh and abundant. Start your day with meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), or gentle yoga poses to calm the mind and revitalize the body. This helps reduce stress hormones and promote hormonal balance.

Eat breakfast within an hour of getting up

Especially for the hormonal system, it is important to eat regular meals, if possible at the same time. The body wants to feel safe and loves routines. Long periods of fasting cause stress, which can affect the hormonal system. Women should fast for 12 to a maximum of 14 hours between dinner and breakfast.

Protein-rich breakfast

A protein-rich breakfast not only keeps you full for a long time, but also regulates the release of insulin, our storage hormone. This keeps the blood sugar in balance, which means the metabolism works actively. Avoid heavy, fatty or cold-wet foods as they slow down digestion and can disrupt the balance of doshas. Here you will find some breakfast inspiration for the perfect start to the day!

Start the day caffeine-free

Not everyone tolerates caffeine well, especially not on an empty stomach. Especially for cycle balance, it would be advisable to drink caffeine-free coffee or only drink coffee after breakfast.

Out into the daylight

Daylight reduces the sleep hormone (melatonin) and stimulates the waking hormone (serotonin).

Not only are the phases of life, seasons and times of day influenced differently by the three bioenergies, the female monthly cycle is also influenced by them. With the help of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, certain medicinal plants and spices, imbalances can be brought back into balance. These measures support hormonal balance and can alleviate cycle-related symptoms. Discover Mohini – woman in balance

Ayurvedic medicinal plants that support your hormonal balance and can relieve cycle-related symptoms.