The individual constitution in Ayurvedic teaching

Die individuelle Konstitution in der ayurvedischen Lehre

The concept of the five elements plays a fundamental role in Ayurvedic science. Space, air, fire, water and earth are manifested in every inorganic and organic matter with their properties. Thus, humans, as a microcosm, also consist of all these five elements.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha

These in turn combine to form three basic energies or functional principles, the doshas : Vata, Pitta and Kapha. All three predominate in us, but in varying degrees. They have different characteristics in terms of body, metabolism, behavior, mind, character and symptoms of illness.

Doshas react differently

Our original constitution (Prakriti) is genetically determined and cannot be changed. It is given to us by our parents. Prakriti is most evident in young adulthood. An unhealthy lifestyle and diet, stress, lack of rest and exercise, but also suppressed feelings and traumas cause the doshas to become unbalanced and increase depending on the type. Depending on the type of change and constitution, different symptoms and illnesses arise.

In Ayurveda therapy, this imbalance (Vikriti) is balanced out through a diet and lifestyle appropriate to the type, bodywork such as massages, medicinal plants and healing conversations. This allows you to return to your original healthy constitution.

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