Quick chocolate nut mountains

Schnelle Schoko-Nuss-Berge

Chocolate enjoyment without baking!

Ingredients for 15 pieces:

  • 150 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa content)

  • 100 almonds with or without shell

  • 30 g chopped unsalted pumpkin seeds

  • 40 g popped amaranth


  1. Melt the dark chocolate in a water bath or on a very low level, stir in all the ingredients until all the chocolate sticks to the nuts.

  2. Heap small mountains with a diameter of approx. five centimeters on baking paper and leave to cool in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

My dosha tip: Dark chocolate has a bitter and tart taste and has an oily quality due to the cocoa butter. These properties are suitable for all doshas. Nevertheless, dark chocolate and nuts are considered difficult to digest foods and are not beneficial if you have poor digestion.

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