Ayurvedic diet
as medicine

Ayurvedic nutrition involves selecting foods with certain properties, tastes and qualities that have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. The selection of foods and spices, the Ayurvedic preparation and the size of the portion of the food ensure that you digest the meals more easily. This relieves the digestive tract and stimulates the metabolism. This in turn ensures that metabolic processes in our body such as energy production, tissue formation and breakdown, and regeneration can function efficiently. We recover faster and better and have more energy. This is health care with Ayurveda and prana for you.

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Ayurveda is called
more conscious eating

In Ayurveda you try to satisfy all six tastes, i.e. sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and tart. Special attention is also paid to the atmosphere during the meal. You eat consciously, without hectic, stress or distractions such as television or smartphones. This way you can “feel” more consciously into your own body and notice when you are really full.

In Ayurvedic nutrition there is the so-called “80:20 rule”. This means that if you eat 80 percent of your diet according to your type, you can eat the remaining 20 percent whatever you want. The prerequisite is always that your digestive system is functioning well. We'll find out in training whether that's the case.