Better skin condition through Ayurveda

Besseres Hautbild durch Ayurveda

The skin – the mirror of our health

The skin ( Tvak in Sanskrit) is our largest organ. It protects our body from bacteria, viruses and allergens. In Ayurveda we speak of six or seven layers of skin, which basically result as secondary tissue from the muscle tissue process. In addition to the protective function from external factors, the skin is equipped with sensory receptors, which allows us to feel sensory stimuli such as touch, pressure and haptic experiences. The skin is responsible for the balance of our internal environment. It regulates temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance by secreting sweat.

Pitta-reducing diet for better skin appearance

Skin blemishes, inflammation and diseases reflect our health and, from an Ayurvedic perspective, show an imbalance of all three doshas (bioenergies). However, they are usually an indication of excessive Pitta dosha and a disruption in the quality of the blood tissue.

In Ayurveda nutritional therapy, Pitta-reducing detox treatments , food and spices are recommended. Sour, salty and spicy foods are avoided, as is too much uncooked, fatty and difficult-to-digest food. Ayurvedic nutrition recommends avoiding incompatible food combinations. To remove toxins from the blood, a variety of Ayurvedic plants and spices are used to improve the complexion. In Ayurvedic medicine and manual therapy, additional treatment is carried out with intensive purification using treatments, phytotherapy, bloodletting and packs in order to restore physical and mental balance.

Plants with skin therapeutic effects

  • Neem
    Neem has an antibacterial effect and is one of the most powerful blood-purifying and detoxifying plants. With its cooling and bitter properties, neem cools excess pitta, eliminates toxins from the blood and thus supports liver health. Its astringent properties eliminate excess tissue. Therefore, it also has a Kapha-reducing effect.

  • Guduchi
    Guduchi has a blood-purifying, blood-forming, immune-strengthening effect and is one of the Rasayanas , the rejuvenating agents. Guduchi balances all three doshas.

  • Shatavari
    Shatavari , one of the most important rejuvenating agents, nourishes and regenerates all seven tissues. Shatavari balances an excess of Pitta and is considered an acidity regulator.

  • turmeric
    Turmeric, the sacred plant in Ayurveda, has anti-inflammatory effects, purifies the blood, improves skin color and balances all three doshas.

  • Triphala
    Triphala, a combination of Amalaki, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, supports digestion, detoxifies, strengthens eye and hair health and has a mild laxative effect.

Feel comfortable with your skin and hair.